Big Lake Camp 2024 Upcoming Events

Family Camp - Special

Anniversary of Big Lake Camp

July 28 - August 4

7:00 PM Opening / Closing Services

Dr. Dan Spaite - Sunday to Wednesday

Dr. David Busic - Thursday to Sunday

Big Lake Camp Open: May 15 to Oct 15 - 2024

Cumberland Performing Arts Camp

Camp Registrations

Camp for ages 5 to 7

July 5-7,  registration 6:00pm

Director Sonya Sarty
pick up Sunday 6:00pm

$230 before June 5th

$255 after June 5th

Camp for ages 8 to 11

July 15-20, registration 10am

Director Mandy Silliker
pick up Saturday 10am

$365 before June 15th

$390 after June 15th

Camp for ages 12 to 18

Aug 12-17, registration 10am

Directed by OxNaz Youth Leaders
pick up Saturday 10am

$365 before July 12th

$390 after June 15th

Men's Retreat 2024

June 21-23,  registration Opens in April

$150 Full Event With Accommodation

$125 Full Event Without Accommodation

$100 Saturday Only

$175 After June 7th

Cumberland Performing Arts Camp

August 23-25, registration Friday 10am

For more information

$300 Early Bird

$325 after July 23rd

Adult Retreat at Camp

Aug 30-31, registration 2:00pm

Directors Harold & Fran Steinwand
Ends Saturday AT 6:00pm

$95/person full retreat

$75 Saturday only(does not include accomodations)

Please note:

All dates and scheduled events are still under the guidance of Government and Public Health restrictions and guidelines.
(All are subject to change and/or cancellation)

All emails and etransfers (donations and registrations) go to:

Contact Information:

Ruth Collins Administrator 902 669-0603

Our Heritage

Big Lake Camp started officially in 1964 with a parcel of land donated by Clinton and Annie Davison. It was the hope of the Davisons and Bruce Taylor- District Superintendent at that time, to have a district gathering place. It began with youth and children camps and family camps followed in the early 70’s.

The original 8 acres has throughout the years been changed to around 30 acres. ​The very first building was an outhouse, followed by the dining hall, which was used for dining as well as sleeping, activities, chapel services and tuck shop. Several cabins were built and army tents used for sleeping accomodations. Washrooms were built below the dining hall, and the Betty Rector Chapel was built as a place of prayer.

​Camps averaged from 50 to 170. Buildings have come and gone, from the old Quonset tabernacle, to more cabins. From the old outhouses to bathrooms with showers. The old dining hall, to the new dining hall with 3 hotel rooms and meeting area. New waterfront areas, tennis and basketball courts and over 30 new trailer sites used seasonally. Big Lake is now used for many church and non church camps, including weddings, reunions, anniversaries and a variety of events. As everything in life, Big Lake Camp has changed over the years, but one thing has remained the same- it is a special place, a holy place, where people of ALL ages can come and meet with God.

From DS Rev. Mark Collins & Camp Administrator Ruth Collins

Our family has been involved at Big Lake for over 50 years, even when we lived in Ontario we would travel back because our kids would say there is NO place like Big Lake. It is not the physical place, although there is no place more beautiful. People have always said it is “holy ground”, a place set aside by God. When you think of the thousands of lives that have been changed here, you cannot deny that people meet God here.

​It is a place to first learn about God, it is a place to grow stronger in your walk with God and a place to prepare for the battles that face us every day of our lives. It is a place to have fun, but it is a place to learn Gods words.” Be Strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”

A teen once told us that they Big Lake Camp was their fueling station. They came to fill up every summer so they could be strong in their Christian walk. There is nothing better than seeing children and youth at the altar- committing their lives to God. In Luke 18:16 it says “Jesus called them to him, saying, “let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God” The children and youth of camp often come from tough situations. They have seen abuse, neglect and have not heard of the unconditional love that Jesus gives. Even as adults Big Lake is a place to grow stronger in the Lord. My plea to you is to support Big Lake Camp however you can, financially, in prayer, by becoming a counsellor, by spreading the word, by attending family camp, being a seasonal camper, by sending your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors and your friends.

Thank You – Mark and Ruth Collins