About Us

District Superintendent

Rev. Mark Collins

Phone: 902-669-1180

Email: ds@atlanticnazarene.ca

District Executive Assistant

Ruth Collins 

Phone:  902-669-0603

Email: office@atlanticnazarene.ca 

District Secretary

Rev. C. Dale Thistle

Email: cdalethistle@gmail.com 

District Treasurer

Robin Aikens

Email: robin.aikens@eastlink.ca 


District Officers

General Superintendent – Dr. Carla Sunberg

District Superintendent – Rev. Mark Collins

District Executive Assistant – Ruth Collins

District Secretary – C. Dale Thistle

District Treasurer – Robin Aikens

District NMI President – Ruth Collins

District NYI President – Annette Smith

District NDI Chairperson – Andrew Barker

Nazarene Missions International

President – Ruth Collins

Co-President – Elsy Mariño Guerra

Secretary – Reanne Paul

Treasurer – Paula Rideout

Connections and LINKS:

  • Annabella Vasquez de San Jose
  • Charlene MacDonald

Nazarene Youth International

President – Annette Smith

Vice President – Lexi Pirnie

Secretary – R. Andrew Barker

Treasurer – Chris Lee

Advisory Board


  • C. Dale Thistle
  • David Filsinger


  • Robin Aikens
  • Kathy Yeomans
  • Ralph Daling

Budget Payments

World Evangelism Fund:

Church of the Nazarene Canada
Unit 9, 20 Regan Rd.
Brampton, ON L7A 1C3

District Ministries Tithe:

Canada Atlantic District Church of the Nazarene
 ℅ Robin Aikens
Box 89, 57 Duke St.
Trenton NS B0K-1X0

email: robin.aikens@eastlink.ca

Nazarene Discipleship International

Chairperson – R. Andrew Barker

Vice Chair & Secretary – 

Treasurer – Terry Gilroy


  • Sonya Sarty
  • Patti Rossiter
  • Miranda Perry


  • District Superintendent
  • District NMI President
  • District NYI President


Nova Scotia


Pastor: Dianne G. Elliott
Location: 738 Tremont Mountain Rd., Tremont, NS B0P 1R0
Email: nazarene.church.tremont@gmail.com
Church Phone: 902-526-0399


Pastor: Ralph G. Yarn
Location: Henry St., Dartmouth, NS B3A 3C3
Email: dartmouthfirst@eastlink.ca
Church Phone: 902-466-5822


Pastor: Jodi Getson
Location: 207 Lower Main St., Oxford, NS
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 252, Oxford, NS B0M 1P0
Email: connect@oxnaz.ca
Website: oxnaz.ca
Church Phone: 902-447-2539

Oxford Church


Pastor: Colleen Johnson
Location: Acadia Hall, 650 Sackville Dr., Lower Sackville, NS
Mailing Address: 115 Smokey Dr., Lower Sackville, NS B4C 3B5
Email: colleenjohnson@eastlink.ca
Church Phone: 902-880-4722


Pastor: Osmel Pozo Serrano
Location: 1 Duke St., Trenton, NS
Mailing Address: P.O. Box, 69, Trenton, NS B0K 1X0
Email: trentonnazarene@eastlink.ca
Website: trentonchurch.ca
Church Phone: 902-755-1316


Pastor: Frank Melanson
Location: Colchester Christian Academy, 66 East Court Rd., Bible Hill, NS
Mailing Address: 88 Kaulbeck St., Apt. 2, Truro, NS B2N 3M6


Pastor: R. Andrew Barker
Location: 131 Wentworth Rd., Windsor, NS
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 694, Windsor, NS B0N 2T0
Email: winnazoffice@gmail.com
Website: windsornazarene.com
Church Phone: 902-798-2830

The Gathering Place (Amherst)
Pastor:Jamin Melanson
Meets at: The Amherst Theatre 47 Church Street, Amherst
Phone: 902-890-9759
Service at: 10:30 on Sundays

Prince Edward Island


Pastor: Betty Zita
Location: 952 Dock Rd., Elmsdale, PE
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10, Elmsdale, PE C0B 1K0
Email: spiritsfire@eastlink.ca
Website: elmsdalechurchofthenazarene.wordpress.com
Church Phone: 902-853-3260


Pastor: Scott C.R. Wilson
Location: 1641 Cairns Rd., Freetown, PE
Mailing Address: 1277 Callbeck St., Bedeque, PE C0B 1C0
Email: pastorscott@freetownchurchpei.com
Website: freetownchurchpei.com
Church Phone: 902-856-2418


Pastor: David Filsinger
Location: 31 Parkview Drive, O’Leary, PE
Mailing Address: P.O Box 340, O’Leary, PE C0B 1V0
Email: officeonc31@gmail.com
Website: ocotn.com
Church Phone: 902-859-3375


Pastor: Bradley C. Silliker
Location: 40 Woodlawn Dr., Charlottetown, PE C1A 6K9
Email: office@nazpei.com
Website: nazpei.com
Church Phone: 902-368-8484


Pastor: Trevor Feltham
Location: 156 Fitzroy St., Summerside, PE C1N 1H3
Email: trilbinazoffice@gmail.com
Website: summersidenazarene.org
Church Phone: 902-436-3476

New Brunswick


Pastor: Erroll L. Patriquin
Location: 43 Sunpoke Rd., Rusagonis, NB
Mailing Address: c/o 32 Carrie St., Rusagonis, NB E3B 0T2
Email: church316cc@gmail.com
Website: church316nb.com
Church Phone: 506-208-6316


Pastor: Annabella Vasquez de San Jose
Location: 307 Brookside Dr., Fredericton, NB
Mailing Address: 158 Carlisle Rd., Douglas, NB E3G 7N4
Email: frednazinfo@gmail.com
Website: frednaz.ca
Church Phone: 506-452-0225


Pastor: Annabella Vasquez de San Jose
Location: 307 Brookside Dr., Fredericton, NB
Mailing Address: 158 Carlisle Rd., Douglas, NB E3G 7N4
Email: frednazinfo@gmail.com
Website: frednaz.ca
Church Phone: 506-452-0225


Pastor: C. Dale Thistle
Location: 2 Briggs Cross Road, Lutes Mountain, NB E1G 2X8
Email: office@lutesmtnchurch.com
Website: lutesmtnchurch.com
Church Phone: 506-858-8749


Pastor: Patricia A. Rossiter
Location: 21 Fieldcrest Dr., Moncton, NB E1G 1T1
Email: monctonfirstnaz@gmail.com
Website: monctonfirst.com
Church Phone: 506-858-9308